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Gasthof Schweizerhaus
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From traditional Pinzgau specialities to light vegetarian dishes and Italian pasta classics – the varied menu leaves nothing to be desired.

Aperol spritz

Glass of sparkling wine

Glass of Prosecco

Campari Soda

dry or extra dry


Glass of sparkling wine – orange

Prosecco with elderberry

Campari Orange

medium dry

Clear beef soup
with homemade pancakes

Salzburger garlic cream soup
with toasted white bread cubes

Hungarian goulash soup
served with pastries

French onion soup
gratinated with cheese

Greenshell mussels (10 pieces)
in garlic-herb butter served with toasted white bread

Baked Camembert
served with cranberries and toast

Mixed salad plate

Baked chicken salad
mixed leaf salad with baked chicken fillet marinated with house dressing

Pinzgau alpine salad
mixed seasonal salad with potato gröstl and yoghurt dressing

Tuna salad
crispy seasonal lettuce, tuna, egg and onion with herb toast

House salad
fresh salad variations with finely marinated turkey strips served with herb toast

Garlic baguette

Potato patties
filled with cream cheese and herbs served with leaf salad

Vegetable cutlets
served with leaf salad garnish

Spaghetti in gorgonzola cream

Mixed seasonal vegetables
baked with cheese

Tortellini “Ricotta spinach”
with herb cream

Cheese omelette
with Gouda cheese and fresh herbs served with leaf salad

of pork from the pan with French fries and cranberries

Cordon Bleu
of pork from the pan served with parsley potatoes

Grandma’s cream schnitzel
Natural schnitzel in a fine cream sauce served with vegetable rice

Chicken fillet
fried in herb cream with roast pork and vegetable bouquet

Pork loin steak
refined with onion, mushrooms and bacon served with potato wedges

Spaghetti “Bolognese”
with spicy meat sauce

Fitness plate of tender chicken fillet
served with a selection of mixed salads and fresh fruit

House toast
Chop on toast with mayonnaise, onion and salad garnish

Ham and cheese toast
served with salad garnish

Hawai toast
with pineapple and salad garnish

Grilled sausage
with french fries and salad

“Schweizerhaus secret” for 2 people
juicy grilled beef, pork, turkey on colourful seasonal vegetables served with French fries finely garnished with fruit skewer

Steak “Madagascar” rump steak 220 g
Pink roasted on a pepper cream sauce served with french fries

Grilled rump steak 220 g
with market vegetables, french fries served with herb butter and fried onions

Fitness platter
Grilled chicken fillet with a selection of mixed salads and fresh fruit

Barbecue platter
Grilled beef, pork and turkey served with a vegetable bouquet and french fries

Steak on toast
of beef with cayenne sauce, herb toast and mixed salad garnish

Pikeperch fillet
tender grilled perch in white wine sauce served with vegetable rice

Greenshell mussels 10 pieces
in garlic-herb butter served with toasted white bread

“Max and Moritz”
Small Wienerschnitzel served with french fries and salad

“Magic bear”
1 grilled sausage with french fries

Small natural schnitzel served with rice

“Winni Puh”
Small portion of spaghetti with meat sauce

Fish fingers served with tartar sauce and fried potatoes

Selection of cold cuts
finely garnished, with bread

Bacon plates
with horseradish, pickles and bread

Swiss sausage salad
with bread

Pickled sausage
with bread

Sausage and cheese bread with fine garnish

Bacon bread

Frankfurter sausage
1 pair with mustard, horseradish and pastry

Ice cream pancake
creamy vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, almonds and whipped cream

Warm curd cheese strudel
with vanilla sauce

Homemade apple strudel

Apple strudel
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

with fresh seasonal fruit

Mixed fruit salad
with fresh fruit

Pancakes 2 pieces
filled with apricot jam or cranberries

Aperol Passion
1 scoop of delicate lemon sorbet with orange juice and Aperol

Please choose from our ice cream menu!

Today Heute
Tomorrow Morgen
In 2 days Übermorgen

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