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Gasthof Schweizerhaus
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"Tense - draw - let go":
Archery in Stuhlfelden

Good news for archery fans – and all those who want to be one: the first archery village in Europe: The first archery village in Europe is located in Stuhlfelden, just a 2-minute walk from Gasthof Schweizerhaus. Here, in the archery village of Stuhlfelden, professional archers can train their accuracy just as well as archery beginners. The modern facilities make handling a bow and arrow a challenge for everyone. Fun and excitement are guaranteed.

With 23 archery courses within a radius of 2 km to 60 km, they are easy to reach by car.
But Salzburger Land has much more to offer to make archery enthusiasts happy on vacation!

Your “vacation neighbor”:
the first archery village in Europe

“Brace yourself – aim – let go” – day after day you will experience the thrill of an extraordinary sport in the archery village of Stuhlfelden. Always with the target in mind, you sharpen your accuracy to perfection. Maximum concentration is required. The fresh mountain air will support you.

During breaks, you can enjoy the view of the Pinzgau mountains from the Fita outdoor facility and, with a bit of luck, the glorious summer sun. For extra variety, there are three great 3D courses for all levels of difficulty. At around 800 meters above sea level, between the lush green meadows and shady forests of Stuhlfelden, one or two adventures await the shooters. In bad weather, the indoor hall offers space for uninterrupted training.

Go ahead … Even if you want to become an archer while on vacation, the idyllic village of Stuhlfelden is undoubtedly the right place for you.

The courses in the Bogendorf Stuhlfelden at a glance

  • 28er 3D course Wilhelmsdorf
    Difficulty level: Medium
    Forest course
    approx. 80 m difference in altitude
  • Fita Outdoor
    approx. 20 m – 70 m
  • 42er 3D course Dechantkogel
    Level of difficulty: Easy
    Meadows and forest course
    approx. 70 m difference in altitude

After the last shot, you can look forward to a cozy end to the day at the Hotel Gasthof Schweizerhaus with wellness, good food and drink or simply relaxing together.

In sight:
Destinations for archery enthusiasts in Salzburger Land

Many summer visitors don’t know that the area around the Gasthof Schweizerhaus is a true paradise for archery enthusiasts. Because next to the archery village of Stuhlfelden and in the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are numerous other archery courses. So let your motivation run free! Variety is definitely guaranteed in the Pinzgau mountains.

With 23 courses within a radius of 2 km to 60 km, they are perfect for a day’s archery:

  • Hollersbach – 3D Parcours GH Berghof – approx. 10 min
  • Hollersbach – 3D Parcours GH Oberkramern approx. 10 min
  • Niedernsill – 3D Parcous approx. 10 min
  • Bruck an der Glstr. – 3D Parcours Kohlschnait – approx. 25 min
  • Saalfelden / Maria Alm – 3D Parcours GH Jufen – approx. 30 min
  • Viehhofen – 3D Parcours Glemmerhof – approx. 30 min
  • Dorfgastein – 3D Parcours Hartlbauer -approx. 40 min
  • Bad Hofgastein – 3D Parcous Angertal – approx. 45 min.
  • Bad Gastein – 3D Parcours Bellevue – approx. 55 min
  • Jochberg – 3D Parcours GH Alte Wacht –approx. 15 min
  • Kirchberg / Aschau – 3D Parcours – approx. 35 min
  • Kirchberg – 3D Parcours Bockern – approx. 35 min
  • St. Johann in Tirol – 3D Parcours Berglehen – approx. 40 min

May we help you sharpen up your vacation destination? One more final advice: If you want to get to learn the fascinating art of archery. Book now and benefit from exclusive advantages in the heart of archery paradise!

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